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A Marshall Plan for Marriage Proposal

After World War II, American launched the Marshall Plan to help restore Europe’s shattered economies.

Seven years ago, Chuck Donovan, then Executive VP of the Family Research Council, said the “breakdown of marriage” in America called for a similar Marshall Plan for Marriage. Mike recently proposed a strategy to implement Donovan’s vision, and will meet with the Family Research Council to discuss implementing the plan.

  • America’s marriage rate has fallen 57% since 1970. In 1960 72% of households were headed by married couples, but that fell to 48% in 2015.
  • In 1960 430,000 couples were cohabiting – but 19 times as many - 8 million were living together in 2016 - four times the 2 million who married.
  • America’s divorce rate after five years of marriage is 23% - triple the 8% of Britain or France. Why? In Britain, couples have to wait 5 years for contested divorces - a lot of time for couples to reconcile. By contrast, 32 states have a ZERO waiting period.
  • Four in 10 American children are born out-of-wedlock – 20 times Japan’s 2% rate. Result: academically, our kids are 31st in math out of 31 countries.

How could a Marshall Plan for Marriage reverse these trends?

  1. National ads for marriage:  I will seek foundation funding for 30 second ads such as this: “Children of divorce and non-marriage are three times more likely to be expelled from school or to have a child as a teenager as are children from intact homes, are five times more apt to live in poverty, six times more likely to commit suicide, and 12 times more apt to be incarcerated than children with married parents, according to a Heritage study by Pat Fagan and Robert Rector.”
  2. Stop subsidizing cohabitation.  Subsidize marriage instead.  At present, cohabiting mothers receive general federal benefits, as if she were single. But she benefits from her partner’s income as if she were married. If she marries him, she loses those benefits. Instead, couples who marry should receive subsidies.
  3. ObamacareMarried couples receive $1,500 to $10,000 LESS per year in health care premium support than cohabiting couples with the same combined income. Such an anti-marriage bias should be removed from the law.
  4. The “Safe and Stable Families Block Grant” ($443 million) is supposed to “promote healthy marriage.” I am unaware of any impact. These funds could create Community Marriage Policies, which cut divorce rates on average 17.5%.
  5. Decrease unnecessary divorces:  Marriage Savers trained 10,000 couples whose own marriages nearly failed, to mentor those in current crisis and saved 80% of them.
  6. Reform No Fault Divorce which allows one spouse to file for divorce and always get it.  It is unconstitutional, depriving people of “life, liberty and property.” Divorced men live 10 years shorter lives, for example.  Every state should require at least a year’s delay – and two years if there are children or if contested - to allow time for reconciliation. During that time, couples should be required to take a course on the impact of divorce on kids and improve skills to resolve conflict.

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