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Watch Mike and Harriet McManus's comments and the pledges from the many pastors involved in the CMP.

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Learn how the lack of marriage counseling nearly ended Alan and Donna's marriage in the first year.

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Marriage Savers Ceremony in Elkton, Maryland, July 2007

Elkton Maryland has been known as the Marriage Capital of the East for decades. It is still easier to get married in Elkton than to get a driver's license.

What motivated Rev. Alan Bosmeny to create the Cecil County Community Marriage Policy?  His own marriage nearly failed decades ago, because they got no marriage preparation.

He wanted to be sure that those getting married in Elkton, MD (Cecil County), are helped to build a marriage that can endure. He persuaded two dozen pastors and priests to sign the CMP covenant in which they pledged to require 4-6 months of marriage preparation, to offer an annual marriage enrichment event in each church, to save troubled marriages by training "back-from-the-brink" couples as marriage mentors, to reconcile separated couples, and help stepfamilies to be successful. He and his wife, Donna, tell their story at the end of the CMP. 

These pastors joined together to begin the process of repairing and sustaining marriages in Elkton, Maryland.