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Marriage Savers on Good Morning America / ABC News

Our Newest DVD combines the recent ABC profile of a Community Marriage Policy in suburban Portland, OR with our 14-minute Overview of How To Cut Divorce Rates in Churches and Cities

We suggest that this DVD be purchased by anyone who would like to create a Community Marriage Policy in their town, city or county.  The ABC story shows how the clergy, cooperating across denominational lines, can make marriage such a priority in their congregations, that the divorce rate for Clackamas County, OR, with 375,000 people, fell 15% in five years. 

However, this is an average result, since an independent study by the Institute for Research and Evaluation reports that in the first 114 Community Marriage Policies, signed by 2000, divorce rates fell an average of 17.5% in seven years. In addition the cohabitation rate by one-third in CMP counties form 1990-2000 compared with similar counties. Now marriage rates are rising in many CMP counties. Cost: $10.