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Resources from Marriage Savers

Sample CMP

Over the past years and through many community training sessions we have developed numerous resources. This is sampling of our materials. Please also see our store for more products and resources. 
Marriage Savers on CBN's '700 Club'
Marriage Savers on ABC October 2007: ABC Profiles Profiles Community Marriage Policies
Marriage Savers 'Divorce-Proofing' Couples
CBN News Feb 2010
Marriage Savers Overview Video
Marriage Savers on the Coral Ridge Hour
What Does a Community Marriage Policy Signing Look Like?
How to Cut Divorce Rates in Churches and Communities
How to Reform No-Fault Divorce and Spark Economic Stimulus
Answers to 25 Tough Questions About Marriage
A Christian Declaration on Marriage
Better the Broken Engagement
How To Find the Love of Your Life
Churches Virtually Eliminate Divorce
Living Together: Myths, Risks & Answers
Columns on Marriage by Mike McManus
If There's a Re-Marriage
How To Save Nine of Ten Troubled Marriages
How to Revive Marriage in America
The Marriage Index
How to Save the Most Distressed Marriages
A War: Marriage vs. Individualism
A New Agenda for Conservatives
The Issue for Conservatives is Marriage (1st in 2 part series)
Marriage: An Issue for Conservatives (2nd in 2 part series)
A New Year's Resolution: Cut America's Divorce Rate in Half (1st in 3 part series)
Cut the Deficit - With Fewer in Need (2nd in 3 part series)
How to Reform No Fault Divorce (3rd in 3 part series)
What Social Science Says Of Same Sex Marriage
Research Reports
Assessing the Impact of Community Marriage Policies on County Divorce Rates
How to Give Marriage Insurance to Premarital Couples
Ten Steps to Create a Community Marriage Policy
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Babies Benefit from Marriage
Health, Wealth, Longer Life and Better SEX!
Marriage Restoration Ministry
Marriage Savers Overview
Why Sign A Community Marriage Policy